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I use Castrol 0w-30 syntec BMW ll-01 only.

There is some margin so I will drive like this for a few miles and see what the monitor is saying.

Btw, I found this info from BMW TIS and could be my issue:

Note: condensate in the engine oil.

Condensate that forms in the crankcase due to short distance driving can influence the permittivity. If the water is mixed in the engine oil, it also collects around the oil condition sensor.

If there is too much water in the crankcase:

In individual cases there can be an incorrect display of the oil level or a warning requesting that the oil be topped up.
This ”false oil level warning” can be treated by means of a fault profile selection on the BMW diagnosis system, whereby the permittivity of the oil is also evaluated. However, there is no direct display of the permittivity. The permittivity depends on, among other things, the viscosity or age of the oil. This means that an appraisal of the quality is not ensured in every case.