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Originally Posted by Musabi View Post
Which is one of the reasons I would only buy a S5, but 335i's are a much better drive in my personal opinion (I've driven both).
I'd agree with you regarding handling/steering and road feel; but his car can whip my head back when he gets on the throttle. I'm coming from a STI and that car felt significantly faster, even after I had the PPK installed. I'm gonna attribute the lagging throttle to this ghetto Automatic transmission - shifts about as fast as the Nissan Altima 2.5s I get when I travel (Nissans are great cars, they just cost 1/3 the price of my bimmer).

Originally Posted by bluewind View Post
And seriously I cannot tell any difference between leather vs. leatherette. None of people who rode my car noticed that they were sitting on vinyl not leather before I told them.
I agree! Nobody can tell the difference - it is an awesome knock-off leather. It's not too far off from the Dakota leather. The Nappa and Merino leathers available in the 5 series are a different story though But seriously, anyone reading this considering saving money and getting Leatherette, it's not bad. It's super easy to clean with some Vinylex wipes. I imagine it's durable too, for those of you like the OP planning on keeping your car for 5+ years.

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I have both an e92 328i and a f30 335i. Honesty, I prefer the driving experience better in the 328i. Both cars are a manual. The only time the 335 is better is under full throttle and it has a little smoother manual shifter. Dont get me wrong, the 335i is a great car but the throttle response and slight turbo lag frustrates me. The n52 engine with a manual transmission is more enjoyable to me around the twisties due primarily to its crisp and immediate throttle response whereas the response on the 335i seems somewhat distant and lacks precision.
I drove an Automatic E90 328i as a loaner and was very impressed by how fun it was to drive. The only times I really notice the difference are at WOT, where the 335i can get to 110mph almost effortlessly.