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Transfer Case still works well !

Pushing 35K miles on synthetic ATF in TC with about 450+ bph of E85/methanol and finally changed out clutch this past week.

Took out tranny (picture attached). Decided to change out all fluids. Transfer case fluid looked like the day I put it in, no metal, no debris, no black stuff, no burnt smell, nothing, just nice looking red fluid. Refilled with Mobile 1 synthetic ATF, again. Will take a look in another year or two after another 30k miles.

I didn't have to reset anything? AWD light went off after a few miles.

I may be a "risk" taker, make decent money so I'm not trying to save $50 for special TC fluid, just noticed a lot of XI's have used synthetic ATF/and blends back in the early 2000's. Not saying the E90 is the same Xi TC as an E46, and that I don't suggest anyone else do this so don't be hating me.

I also was a "risk" taker with my E46 M3 and use to blend various ATF and MTF in my 6 speed to help eliminate clutch chatter....had about 120,000 miles on that car with the original clutch.

Look at the size of this transmission/TC.....impressive! I put a little MTL with my ATF in the tranny too!!!

The E90 is getting up in age so there are used TC out there for $300-$500 if I ever need one. Would take about 2 hours to get one in and out, no big deal.

p.s. My rear differential fluid at 120,000 miles was nice and clean, very viscose.
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