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First time posting on here so i couldn't start a new topic so id thought id post my problem in here as its the thread with the most relevance.

Anywho, I've come across a leaking radiator on my 06 335i E92 , its been causing my engine to overheat big time, BMW have quoted me 700 for the privilege of supplying and fitting one; so I've decided to go down the low cost route of buying an aftermarket rad and getting a independent specialist to change it over.

The question I'm about to ask is going to sound incredibly dumb but here it goes, my car is has the auto box with the flappy paddles for the manual option, the company I'm getting the rad from (NRF) has two types of radiators, one for a manual/semi auto and one for an automatic (see below)

Manual/Semi Auto


the only noticeable difference is the quick connector in the bottom right hand corner.

So i supposed the question is, which one do i get???