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I purchased this camera from pthomas1984 on Friday. While he was driving up to Centreville (where I was supposed to meet him), he sends me a text message saying that he forgot the USB cable. I asked him if he would mind mailing it to me when he got home and he agreed to do so without any hesitation.

Once I met him in person, I made sure that he was OK with sending me the cable in the mail. He assured me that it would be no problem and asked me to text him my address, which I did promptly after giving him cash for the camera.

The following day, I sent him a text message kindly asking him if he had remembered to mail me the USB cable. No response. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and waited until today to send him another message, to which I received no response. I sent him a PM, as he was online browsing e90post, also to which I got no response.

Rapidly losing hope, I sent him another text message asking him to just tell me whether or not he still planned to send me the USB cable so that I could order one myself if he decided to go back on his word. You guessed it, no response.

Bottom line: this guy is a piece of shit. He got his money, and now can't be bothered to keep his word about sending me a $4 USB cable. It's not about the cable, it's not about the money, it's about this guy lying to and dicking over a member of the community. Avoid doing business with him at all costs.