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please help, changed front pads, now have problem(s)

Edit: Figured it out. Siphoned off some brake fluid out of the reservoir, kept pumping the brakes until they were stable enough to drive the car, did the bedding process. Brake pedal seems fine now.

Got rid of the brake light after more searching and reading. Had to carefully dismember the connection of the old sensor to the car. Put new sensor on and just tied it up without putting it on the pad as I'd rather not do this again. Reset the light, everything's okay now.

Changed my front pads for the first time, at 106k miles.

Have at least one problem:

a. After finishing, started car, immediately got the red car on the lift warning light, after it went away, small "brake" light stays on on the dashboard.

b. I've tried pumping my brakes, though I still cannot get a firm and stable pedal. It will quickly get firm as I pump but pedal will eventually slowly give. Thinking this means "bleed the brakes"? Pumped for a few minutes with no improvement. Not driving the car for now.

The following two things did not go as I anticipated during the pad change.
1. I had some overflow from the brake reservoir when I changed the second pad (left reservoir cap on, my bad?)
2. I tried to replace the sensor, and as I attempted to disconnect where the sensor connects with car wiring, the car wiring side of the connection began to break in my, I decided to leave the old sensor connected to the car wiring, but not the pad (it has not broken its second wire yet, I changed pads early) and twist tie it up.

does my pedal pressure issue in b. indicate I need to bleed brakes?
does my warning light indicate a problem with the sensor? If yes, any suggestions on how to proceed?

thanks for any advice or comments here.

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