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And since TRD is part of Toyota, they have access to all the original CAD information and parts molds, so you can bet your ass that everything on this car fits properly – not something you can be so sure of in the real aftermarket realm. To ensure that everything is structurally sound, all of the necessary carbon pieces have also been properly bonded to the chassis as well.

Even the most minuscule of holes have ben covered with sheets of carbon which have been precision measured and cut. Showing off again are we TRD? As you may have noticed, to accompany the extreme carbon diet, all of the glass with the exception of the windscreen has been replaced with OEM-quality-fitting sheets of Lexan.

With the radical effort put into the body, it may come as some surprise that the engine compartment remains relatively untouched, at least for now. The main concept of the first phase of research seems to be seeing how much potential the car has without adding any power and simply “adding lightness.”

There are a few small trinkets to be found, like TRD oil and radiator caps as well as an oil cooler, but most is still standard.

The only real power modification on the Griffon is the addition of a fully Titanium exhaust system consisting of a custom header and completely straight exhaust. It might not add gobs of power, but it certainly does provide a very exciting exhaust note!

The suspension is relatively straight-forward as well, with a few TRD bits and pieces underneath while the majority of the work has been taken care of by a set of KW motorsport 3-way adjustable dampers, further continuing the trend of KWs on ZN6s I saw at SEMA.

The cockpit follows suit in the exercise of weight extraction and comes off as a place from which a racing driver can conduct serious business. There isn’t a whole lot left inside, but as you’d expect, what’s there is pretty impressive.

In addition to the standard dials, a set of TRD meters which are offered for sale as a kit – complete with the 2-din plate – have been installed to keep an eye on oil pressure and oil / water temps. It’s a sophisticated and simple solution that’s certainly a lot easier on the eyes than the standard radio configuration offered by Toyota / Scion.

A lone TRD bucket is all that remains by way of seating. This particular model is one of two different seats manufactured by Bride for TRD, the other being a reclining and thus non-FIA approved version. Once paired to a Takata harness, this car is ready to lock in some hotlaps.

Although TRD is offering a very handsome leather-wrapped Momo steering wheel with an airbag, the Griffon isn’t a true street car so the team decided to bolt a more appropriate suede Momo Monte Carlo on the car in its place. TRD also chose to utilize a Works Bell flip-up style steering boss to ease the transition to and from the driver’s seat.

Aside from the seat and the dashboard, very little else now resides in the car, save for a miniature relocated battery. As you can see, the chassis has also been painstakingly spot-welded in its entirety.

The rear seat area has been replaced with a flat sheet of dry carbon which has been riveted and bonded to the body to increase structural rigidity. Again just another small difference between a factory works effort and a conventional tuner car.

But if you’re still not quite convinced, have a quick look at this video of the Griffon from TRD and you’ll begin to further appreciate the effort that has been put into this car. Words cannot begin to describe the accuracy and fitment of each and every component on this car, it’s been finished at a level I don’t think any tuning shop would be capable of replicating.

In a nutshell, the Griffon offers everything you want from a modified car (i.e. looks and performance) without any of the typical draw backs (i.e. improper fitment and poor durability). So then, is the Griffon Concept the ultimate tuned eight-six? I’ll leave that for you to decide, but I certainly think so.

Toyota Racing Development “Griffon Concept” Toyota 86


2.0L naturally aspirated FA20 boxer engine; TRD Titanium header and straight exhaust


Standard ECU; TRD sports meter


TRD 2-way LSD, clutch plate and 3-puck disc


KW motorsport 3-way adjustable dampers; TRD member brace, reinforced suspension arms


TRD 6-pot (f) / 4-pot (r) monoblock calipers, 355mm (f) / 345mm (r) floating rotors, stainless brake lines, performance brake pads


189.5″ +40 Volk TE37SL wheels; 250/640R18 Advan Racing slick tires; Rays racing lug nuts


TRD fixed bucket seat; Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel; Works Bell Rapfix GTC steering hub; Takata 4-point harness; lightweight relocated battery


TRD Griffon concept aero package (consists of GFRP front / rear bumpers, front fenders, CFRP hood, roof, trunk lid, rear wing, rear diffuser doors), front fender aero fin, Performance Line side skirts, bonded carbon fiber rear seat reinforcement plate; Craft Square carbon side mirrors; spot-weld reinforced chassis