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Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
I wouldn't want to do business with this guy:

Buys a $425 camera which is in advertised condition, and then throws a fit because the seller hasn't responded if he mailed the $4 cable...on a holiday weekend after selling it on Friday.

And he posts it in 3 different places. I understand that he agreed to mail it, but to call him a lying piece of shit who is dicking over a member of the community and avoid doing business with him just because he hasn't heard if the guy mailed him something that wouldn't get there for 2 more days at the earliest? Sounds like a psycho ex-girlfriend.
He's a spoiled brat, blowing him up over a measely $4 cable when you can use the cable from a PS3 controller

Originally Posted by BRGmatthew View Post
Nice meeting you on Friday bro, I don't know if you noticed but I was the one flashing my lights on the highway when going home.