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Originally Posted by Earlfish View Post
Well dropped off the car this morning. With my service adviser's attitude I'm not hoping for much.

He refused to write down the SBI information claiming that they have to diagnose the car first and they will determine if there are any applicable SBI's.

He was also not very knowledgeable as he thought my 2011 had twin turbos, and mentioned they were know for HPFP issues. Uhhhh... I really want to run this tune, hopefully I wont have to return the accessport.
Good luck bro... My SA didn't know much either, but he was really cool about everything. I guess the key is to sit down with him first and to go over your appointment details. He went through all my concerns and made sure he typed them correctly into the computer to explain my issues... if he took the time to do that and you mentioned the rough idle, cold start issues - hesitation / lag during acceleration then they should find the SIB anyway...

When he called me for my constant updates during the wait, he said that i actually explained the issues to a T and that most people dont even get that right.

Plus, I do think that me saying i'm looking to buy the new M3 when it comes out made him pay extra attention to my satisfaction