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Originally Posted by Sam335ix View Post
Yes sorry, race maps and e85 etc
Gotcha, we'll see what we can do with higher octane after we finish the regular stage maps. I'll also need to do testing with e85 to see if I can find/create a fuel scalar like I did for the N54.

Originally Posted by Tricki View Post
If it wasn't for Josh at Cobb, I wouldn't be running with the tune as I'm the first from Australia to have this done.... Had knock backs from everywhere including Cobb until Josh stepped in.... Huge thanks Josh.
Hope I can help with data logs with our 98/ 100 octane fuel !!!!
Glad we got you rolling. Looks like I have another Australia car to add support for today.

Originally Posted by Darkpitiless View Post
Been struggling with the dealer about ROM upgrade,so the car stayed at the dealer for 2 days. And now they are asking me to replace the downpipe i have with the original before they can do the programming!
Ugh. Some dealers are better than others when it comes to service. I really hope you get it sorted.

Originally Posted by D's Bimmer View Post
There is a DMI update scheduled for release in early April that will fix these issues. BMW has been working on this for the past few months. I am already prebooked for it. My service tech coded it as no charge for me. He did say that given the size of this particular update, it will likely take between 3 and 4 hours to upload.
Do you have any info on this update? The issue that we found with the old roms has actually been corrected for the past 3 major revisions, but if can get info on anything new coming down the line, I'm all ears.

Originally Posted by Earlfish View Post
Well dropped off the car this morning. With my service adviser's attitude I'm not hoping for much.

He refused to write down the SBI information claiming that they have to diagnose the car first and they will determine if there are any applicable SBI's.

He was also not very knowledgeable as he thought my 2011 had twin turbos, and mentioned they were know for HPFP issues. Uhhhh... I really want to run this tune, hopefully I wont have to return the accessport.
Oh man, hopefully they'll get you sorted. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.