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Originally Posted by amr_e90 View Post
what's up felllas , so its come too the point when my car has been killing me with little annoying problems here and there ok lemme explain. its a 07 three thirty five ex eye with 80k . I just replaced the valve cover gasket which was a pain with all the wires and non sense design in the way and torque every single bolt to spec. parked the car for 30 mins and then move it and find a little puddle of oil under the car . when lifting the car and looking underneath the whole bottom engine cover is oil and its scary I check the oil level everyday as I'm scared and worried. does this engine have any oil pan gasket problems has any of you had them fail I know about the oil filter housing gasket I'm gonna replace that next just need time , what do you guys think , ask questions and I will respond looking for help
I'm on the same boat. But I changed the oil filter housing gasket, oil pan gasket, and valve cover gasket 3 days ago and still have the same amount of oil under the car or more. Leaking like a quart of oil per week. This oil leak is driving me insane.