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Originally Posted by Be Awesome 335i View Post
I believe most of us that tune are right there with you ....

In most states, displaying your front plate is a secondary violation and not a primary which is why in most cases, you wont be questioned or bothered unless your already being stopped for something else like...speeding....

If and when you get stopped, be nice and play ignorance or the good ole, "there is no bracket for a tag on this bumper so i special ordered one"! That will usually work if its a larger area but if your in a smaller town/city then most likely same cop has seen you around before...

If you do get a "fix-it" ticket then your road to freedom is easy... Simply:

1: Except your summons gracefully then head home
2: Throw some double sided tape on your tag, stick it on your bumper
3: Snap some photos of your car with tag mounted via double sided tape
4: Mail summons, photos and explanation of how you complied with law to clerks office of XYZ jurisdiction
5: Charge will be drooped since you complied with law in timely fashion (before court date) and you saved your 25 dollar fine plus your state court cost/fees and a few hours off work..
6: Remove the tag and enjoy running around tag-less
Smart man haha

I've not mounted a front plate on mine in Ohio and I've yet to be hassled about it. Knock on wood lol