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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore
Originally Posted by mslam02 View Post
so why is this signal better than just running an aux from your phone straight into the MS8?
It's not necessarily. But then to run an aux from the phone in the cabin to the MS8 in the trunk is a long (2-3m, depending) run, so lots of room for introduction of noise, etc etc.

Bottom line, it's probably not going to be a noticeable problem, ever, but then you COULD get ground loops if you're charging, and a few other things. Mostly, this is wireless and (wildly) better quality than bluetooth.

Originally Posted by mslam02 View Post
also why is straight from phone to OEM Aux degrade the sound compared to BT? Just trying to gain some knowledge, Thanks.
The biggest problem with OEM Aux is that lots of people feel the headunit does bad things to the signal. Personally, I feel that the aux-in is only ever so slightly worse sounding than the built-in CD deck, but the point is, why bother with the headunit being a middle man if you don't need to?

But then compared to bluetooth? Compared to what bluetooth? OP doesn't have built in bluetooth streaming. Most don't, up until the newest model years.

But in general, bluetooth is pretty crappy for some very specific technical reasons. There can be specific cases of source and sink that work very well together, but usually both devices default to the lowest common denominator, which is super crappy sounding.
Correct. There is no actual bandwith spec for A2DP. I think there is up to like 176kbps (for all bt functions but most use only 32-48 for the a2dp portion)