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Originally Posted by E9TOU View Post
I just don't run any front plates.

In my old car, I got pulled over for it -- cop thought I was drunk because he saw me pull out of a bar and he thought he'd flag me with the no front plates and attach a DUI to it too...but nope, didn't have a thing to drink that night. So just keep in mind that having no front plates (or tinted front windows) is another excuse for a cop to pull you over. Just don't drive like a d-bag and you should be good 95% of the time.
Other moral of that story is don't drive drunk!

I totally don't blame him for pulling you over on a technicality in an attempt to nab a drunk driver, but honestly, if I'd pulled you over only to find out you weren't drunk, I'd probably have just thanked you for being responsible and let the plate go totally.