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Originally Posted by SG_E92 View Post
I paid over $2500 in non-moving violations my first 2 years living in Chicago. Multiple $250 tint and $100 license plate tickets. You just have to comply unless your want to pay over $1000 a year in fines. Even a tow hook license plate setup is considered illegal in Chicago. Since your plate must be placed in the center of the the bumper. I considered a motorized flip-up setup but decided I would just have it flipped up all the time anyways so there was really no point, and I actually think the OEM plate holder looks better than the flip-up plate looks flimsy and aftermarket.
Nice car but you can get away with the 250.00 ticket. All you have to do is mail it in with the law stating your allowed to have 35 percent tints on your car and it will get dropped. I saved a few people that thought they had to pay. It works everytime.