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Ya I used to have 50% before 35% was even legal and I still got tickets with it being that light, one time 2x$250 tickets in one day while parked in the pay lot at North Ave Beach. Had all my tint removed after I got up to $2000 in fines. Then when 35% became legal in IL I got 35% installed. Since I got 35% 2 years ago I did still get one ticket with the 35% after it became legal, wrote the letter gave all of the supporting evidence that 35% was legal in Illinois and still got stuck with the $250 fine. They wrote me back some BS letter that had nothing to do with the contesting letter I wrote. Best part, I was parked in a private pay lot for just 30 minutes, which I paid $8 to avoid street parking as I always do, while me and my girlfriend ran into Chipotle to grab a burrito. Total burritos cost $15+$8(parking)+$250(ticket) = $273, gotta love living in the Loop.

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Nice car but you can get away with the 250.00 ticket. All you have to do is mail it in with the law stating your allowed to have 35 percent tints on your car and it will get dropped. I saved a few people that thought they had to pay. It works everytime.