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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
Correct. There is no actual bandwith spec for A2DP. I think there is up to like 176kbps (for all bt functions but most use only 32-48 for the a2dp portion)
CERTAINLY Wifi offers more wiggle room for whatever piece higher in the stack is doing the encoded transmission, but yeah, there's still a fair bit of bandwidth to play with in BT. 2.0+EDR actually offers around 2.1mb/s of practical useable bandwidth, so certainly enough for a very high quality compressed audio stream.

The bigger problem is the matchup between source and sink codec support lists. Apple devices obviously support AAC since it's already licensed in all their devices, and lots of Android devices do too, but most of the (especially cheaper) sinks you find don't, so you're stuck with the connection using SBC, which is basically unlistenable. Total crap. If you have an AAC connection, it sounds downright glorious, nearly cd quality over BT.

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Too many ways of playing/streaming music going on in this thread, lol.