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Hi guys, I got my radio today and started to install it into the car... Here's the good news. Before any coding, I could:

- Pair my phone over bluetooth, and hear phone audio over speakers. I haven't connected the mic yet. That'll be next.
- USB and AUX icons show up. I haven't connected the coaxial cable to the USB/AUX socket, as I'm still waiting on that to arrive.

Here's where I still need some help. I can't seem to code from Stereo to HiFi. I did a 'Read ECU' on the new 2URAD, and downloaded the FSW_PSW.TRC onto my computer. There were many options, more than the one from my 2007 HU. I tried to delete anything that didn't say 'e90_hifi', and change options that didn't say 'e90_hifi' to 'e90_hifi'. Then, I did an 'sg_codieren' to write the MAN file back onto the 2URAD. The coding went 'successfully', and NCS didn't give any errors. I know something must have worked, because I could change the radio's phone voice from German to English. Also, the VIN was successfully registered onto the radio. This was all done using the FSW PSW MAN profile.

However, the gongs and music was still pretty loud. So I checked the hidden menu and sure enough, it still said 'Stereo' and not 'HiFi'. I tried to do an 'sg_reset' but that didn't change anything too.

When I did a 'Read ECU' again, the FSW_PSW.TRC seemed like it didn't change at all, and all the options were in its original state (all the non e90_hifi I had removed were back again). Of course, the radio language remained in English. That was the only thing that 'remained'.

I have coded successfully before, so I know my setup has worked in the past. In fact, I coded KOMBI, changed radiostufe_2 to radiostufe_3_4, and managed to get the new LCI gongs (which sound really nice, but are pretty loud at the moment!).

Any suggestions?