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I am an engineer Actually double degreed engineer... Not Arab... My fiance is 5'7 122lbs I would say she is not chubby what so ever. And I am 6'3 215 Played football in college basically everything opposite what you say and think. And you are right I probably can't look you in the eye cause you are what 5'9...? Plus I would laugh too hard at your moronic rambling that you seem to do on here.
Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
And I know engineers...these guys are the bottom of the sewage tank!
They stink!
They have bad breath!
They can't look you square in the eyes!
They spend hours looking and getting all uncomfortable and will never go over to say hi.
They tip like shit!
They ask stupid fucking questions!
And their knowledge of anything outside of their particular field is....ZERO!

I feel bad for these girls!