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Originally Posted by reficuliu View Post
Ok, so since I purchased my LED lights from eBay, I really don't have confidence I will get my money back in full. After uninstalling the lights, i just tried (very skeptically) and wrapped ALL the wire (red and black each individually) with aluminum foil. I did it from the beginning to the end of each wire, as long as it was visible i wrapped it. I reinstalled the lights after doing so, and apparently the aluminum foil really does block the radio frequency interruption. I will drive it around for a few days to see if the TPMS error shows again.

P.S. i left out the Error Cancelling Resistors, and i'm driving a 2007 E92, most likely FRM2
At least theres a way to fix it. i might have kept mine if that was the case. I have crappy mtec 10w now. they only light up my inner ring.