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Bought Used Should I change Oil?

Hello There,

Just bought my first BMW, an 08 328i with 44K on it. I purchased it from a large chain of dealerships about an hour away who had taken it as a trade. They did some little things to the car like tire rotation, new wipers, full detail, no major mechanical stuff (it didn't need it), but they did do an oil change on the vehicle.

Since they Sell Hyundai/Kia, Chrysler/Ford, I am suspect of the oil change that was done. Meaning I can't be sure if they used BMW spec synthetic oil and I haven't heard back from the sales guy as to if he can find out. So a couple of questions...

1. Does the hive mind of the forum think I should have it changed again by the dealer/or local indie euro shop I know of?

2. How much damage could it potentially do if I don't have it changed?

3. Looking at the sticky thread on oil it looks like i need LL01 to be in spec, correct?

Thanks for the help guys. I plan to keep the car indefinitely so any info is appreciated.