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Originally Posted by pthomas1984 View Post
thanks for all of the congrats, we all got discharged this morning and the brand new bmw enthusiast is great along w/mom and regards to brinkmann, im sure my name was online "browsing all day" as i was stuck in a hospital room all weekend with my fiance and her family...her brother has an e90 and was looking for stuff for his car the whole time after i told him about the good deals I've gotten on here...smh...i do feel a lil bad for not texting you but hey as I said before i had more pertinent things on my mind n then after you spam all of the forum I'm supposed to care about your $3 cable...kick rocks...heck I wanted to stop in richmond on my way home to pick up a meth kit and chargepipe but didnt have time as I was speeding through to the hospital...its obvious dipshit is going to leave the thread up but hey reading through im getting some good any rate this dad is tired and goin to grab a quick nap before the lil one starts screaming again...
Yo, Congrats but more importantly thumbs up on keepin your cool. There wasn't a whole lot of trash talking and you stood up and told it like it is.
It's hard to get angry at kiddy stuff when there's so much more to celebrate in your life right now. Do your thing homie!

OP -
It would have been nice to see you take it to the chin and own up but that's cool too.
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