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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
L7 ---> MoBridge DA1/2 is going to cost you a lot though it eliminates any noise in the system. I would not go for it personally.

Considering Bussiness & Pro, Bussiness have more powerful drivers TBH (according to TIS).

If you have LOC alreadly there, I'd leave it as it is. You'd hardly gain anything except flat signals for your amp.
Hi there, thanks for getting back to me, sorry for the delay. Only just got round addressing this....

A flat signal for the amp is what I am hoping to acheive right now.

The LOC is fine but there is a high noise floor with a slight, barely audible alternator whine but my main problem is the stock HU seems to be equalising the signal terribly.

As a test over the weekend I connected my ancient Nakamichi CD400 up to the amp in the boot, bypassing the HU & the results were astonishing. Mid really opened up, bass deeper & tighter & the highs much better. It also plays louder & overall feels much more together & it is really noticable reverting back to th stock HU.

All this said, getting rid of the iDrive is not an option so I need to make the most of it. I am unsure if I should go for a processor or have the HU coded & add a Mobridge. Or maybe even upgrade to CCC or CIC so I can code to Hifi.....

The system is:

Business iDrive
Jehnert 3 way front comps
JL 700/5
Audiocontrol LC8I LOC
JL 10W3V2
I am using the Jehnert crossovers for the comps & underseats with amp xovers at: 70 sub, 70-200 Underseats & 200 up comps.