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Originally Posted by mrbillytalent View Post
Depends on how big of a dbag you are. If you find yourself in front of a judge, it's already too late or you've got bigger problems. Keep your nose clean and in theory you'll be alright. Then again, I've never live in Cali for mare than a few months, so who knows. I figure if they've got time to write you a ticket for a front plate, then they've fixed all the rest of the crime out there...right?
Well, I mean if you were to try to contest the front plate citation. They do get written in the absence of any other violation, for sure. Granted, with one on your visor, a cop is probably less likely to do so since it may well be a huge waste of time.

And you'd think, wouldn't you, but no. Then again, the fact that they're so busy dealing with all the murder and theft in LA is probably why cruise set to 85 is a de facto standard on LA freeways. No cops around to enforce a speed limit. That is, if you can break 40mph in traffic in the first place.