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Originally Posted by sheps View Post
Mine were done by pentagon as a post delivery thing.
Looks perfect and no issues. It also gives a greater spectrum of choice in terms of shade.
I had them do my C63 too and I was generally happy with them. But, like with all tints, there was always a very feint line round the outside where it didn't bond perfectly between the black 'bobbles' that edge the glass.

It was VERY good in comparison to other tints I've seem (to the point I;d have it again) but my OCD tells me it wasn't 'perfect'

Originally Posted by 335DPOWER View Post
Hi yes I have ordered a saloon,privacy is a 14 inc option on the car so I guess it will be done at the factory, I just need to check that it will not be to dark.

This is only the second time I have ordered a new car ( the first time I was 17 an it was a saxo VTR lol) so I am bit nervous as to not seeing what I'm getting as such before I buy it.

I have ordered the car in polar white which I have been told is a more solid white colour which is what I am after but am now worrying as to whether I should of gone for diamond white?
Has any one seen both of these colours in the flesh? And what are the differences.
What white was yours palmnuts?
Thanks for your help lee
Wow, a 14 brainer

I too had a VTR back when they were the car to have as a teenager - at 17, 18 and 19 years old I bought a new Saxo every year ('peaking' with a VTR ) and got my years free insurance with each one. You don't get that these days now do you! I still reckon buying those cars and standing the first years depreciation meant I had a better, nicer car than all my mates and it actually cost me less (no repairs, no insurance no....nothing, except fuel)

My C63 was Calcite White which is the same as Polar - it was flat anyway. I also now have Diamond White on my E Class Coupe. A few observations:

Diamond looks lovely in the right light, but the pearl effect is very subtle.

Diamond white appears very brittle - it is picking up the odd chip quite easily (and not just on the front - in fact, hardly at all on the front but after 2k miles, it already has 4-5 annoying chips around the body).

This wasn't apparent with the solid white but then I did have a paint protection film on my C63. Also, I can't really see why there'd be a difference due to the colour because all modern paints have a clear lacquer, of which Mercs is known to be one of the hardest and most durable in the world (it's certainly a much harder paint than most other cars I've had). Maybe this hardness explains it's tendency to chip but then my SLS is 100% stone chip free (and is definitely still on factory paint; my paint depth gauge confirms it's never had any part 'blown over' to cover up chips)

In summary, whilst I always hankered after the Diamond White when I didn't have it, I probably wouldn't bother again now I have had it and seen just how subtle the effect is.
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