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Thanks all for the help. I have some good news and some bad news.

Good news is, i got the HU recoded from Stereo to HiFi. Basically, I went into expertmode, selected 2URAD, and did an sg_codieren. When the HU rebooted, it showed HiFi in the hidden menu. Note I could do this without changing the production date. Mine said #0307.

The bad news is I lost my voice commands, bluetooth and USB. I tried a bunch of things to get it back, but it's not working. I changed my production date to #0311 and #0911 (only in CAS, not NFRM), then repeated sg_codieren and then did sg_reset after that on the 2URAD.

The HiFi remained but the bluetooth/USB is still not showing. I also have no voice commands. My VO has $676, $673, $6FL, and $6NN. What should I do next? This isn't permanent, is it?

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