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Originally Posted by BOBKUR View Post
Planning ahead makes a difference.
Unfortunately you can't plan for 4 fuel injectors to be replaced. When something goes wrong, it goes wrong regardless of how ready you are - With a big trip coming up soon, the last thing I want to be doing is running around in a half-bung car.
Already replaced the NOX sensor, set of plugs and a set on coils (fortunately the coils were replaced by BMW free)

I've literally only owned the car for 4 months, so I wasn't really planning on needing to do all this work and hadn't really looked into coding the stuff myself.

Originally Posted by dominators View Post
Didn't realize it wasn't free shipping to where you are as they were willing to ship it for free to the US which isn't as close as from HK -> NZ. Just a misunderstanding bro.
No problems mate, thought that may have been the case. I've managed to source one from that guy. Fortunately he emailed back just a few moments ago, and he's agreed to ship via DHL courier for an extra $25USD - He does do free shipping to NZ, but the problem is it wouldn't get here in time.. thats where I was running into issues.. but no worries, all sorted now!

Thanks all!