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Originally Posted by bplant13
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This may be the default dealer SA response, since the dealer near me said almost the same words ("whole package was designed as a system and the DSC and everything else is all engineered to work together"). Looking at it from the dealer's point of view (forget about the financial aspects for a minute), they may be weary of customers making their own changes outside of the BMW party line, and then running to the dealer when something is not right, and it relates to something the customer did outside of BMW's comfort zone. There is always some consequence for each of our choices. Nothing wrong with that.

I just listen to all sides, read a lot on the forums and other places, make my choices in as informed a way as I can, and accept the results and consequences, or trip up and try something else. On the tire issue, I ended up just putting RFT Blizzak LM-25 on for the cold season, and I will probably put non-RFT on when the warm weather comes back, even though I have a lot of tread left on the OEM RFT all-seasons. The logistics influenced me, because I want to leave the winter tires on the OEM wheels, and the OEM RFT all-seasons won't fit on the new wheels I want, so I decided to bite the bullet. Now the only decision is whether to buy a fifth wheel and tire, or get one of those aftermarket spares.
I completely agree and I did the exact same thing. This past fall, I put Blizzak LM-25s, which were OEM approved RF snow tires on my 17" OEM wheels, and sold my all-seasons, which still had a ton of tread life left. I figured that even with roadside assistance, I'd rather not get caught with a flat on non-RF up in the mountains when I'm going snowboarding.

Now, for this summer, I've just ordered some 19" Morr VS8.2 wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (non-RF). I spend a lot of time with racers and all of them have changed out to non-RF.

I'm expecting some performance gains based on the grip of the tire and the overall weight savings. I might get more comfort on the non-RF, but I am going from a 17" to 19" wheel, so I've got much shorter sidewalls coming. However, I'm saving over 7lbs per wheel!!!! 4lbs on the rim and 3lbs on the tire! That my friends, coupled with the grip from the Pilot SS, should provide a very nice improvement.

This was not a cheap investment at over $7k for the new rims and both sets of tires (sold my OEM all seasons for $300), but your wheels/tires are the MOST important item on your vehicle when it comes to the combination of performance and safety, so don't cheap out!
Hadn't thought about selling my OEM RFT. Mine have only 6-7k on them.

I think will go to Apex ARC-8 18" but only as wide as will fit without changes. Will probably do the same tires as you. But may get a donut spare for long trips.
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