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E90 Electric water pump FIXED!

So, recently I had a water pump fail on me. As a result, and due to poor timing, I was not able to get it fixed for over a week and a half.

I have finally fixed it today. It's costed me ~850, 900 for everything; parts and labour.

My personal experience was this:
on the day that my water pump had really failed, the day that i had a temperature warning, both the yellow and the red one, there was no heat coming out of the AC.

AC without heat is one symptom of a failed water pump.

To be honest, for about a week before, the car would warm up as usual, and provide me with with heat. but after the car has been on for a while, I would feel some cool air coming out of the vents from time to time. I just thought that was the car's way of cooling down a cabin to the set temperature... Looking back, it might have been the water pump working intermittently.

So yea, thats it really. 5 weeks of ownership, and I had deal with this $#!T. lol. There goes my planned coil overs for the summer.