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Hi woodpecka, thanks for all the help. I tried recoding using sg_codieren and then sg_reset using several production dates. The latest one i tried was #1112. There still is no USB icon. By the way, the hidden menu says the HU was manufactured Jan 2013. My VO already had the required $6FL, $6NN, etc.

One question for you though. For the HU that you have, does the Audio menu show any USB icon when you don't have a thumbdrive plugged in? I haven't got my USB fakra wire yet, so i can't connect anything to the HU. Thing is, before i recoded, it would say 'insert USB', but now it's only tuner, cd, and aux.

I would appreciate very much if I could have a look at your trc file. I will pm you my email address. What options need to be changed to enable the bt and voice?

Update: I went to the MAN file, there was an option called SECOND_USB. I changed it from nicht_aktiv to aktiv, and a 'USB2' icon showed up. Is this the same as the 'normal' USB that everyone else has?

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