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Originally Posted by Syfer View Post
Hi there, thanks for getting back to me, sorry for the delay. Only just got round addressing this....

A flat signal for the amp is what I am hoping to acheive right now.

The LOC is fine but there is a high noise floor with a slight, barely audible alternator whine but my main problem is the stock HU seems to be equalising the signal terribly.

As a test over the weekend I connected my ancient Nakamichi CD400 up to the amp in the boot, bypassing the HU & the results were astonishing. Mid really opened up, bass deeper & tighter & the highs much better. It also plays louder & overall feels much more together & it is really noticable reverting back to th stock HU.

All this said, getting rid of the iDrive is not an option so I need to make the most of it. I am unsure if I should go for a processor or have the HU coded & add a Mobridge. Or maybe even upgrade to CCC or CIC so I can code to Hifi.....

The system is:

Business iDrive
Jehnert 3 way front comps
JL 700/5
Audiocontrol LC8I LOC
JL 10W3V2
I am using the Jehnert crossovers for the comps & underseats with amp xovers at: 70 sub, 70-200 Underseats & 200 up comps.

If you are keen to have it coded to hi-fi, then get it coded by afsar or myself.