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Great news folks, I've successfully coded the HU! I just want to thank EVERYONE who gave advice and help, Jose, woodpecka, & all else (who've generously helped me out in my entire audio system upgrade, troubleshooting, etc, you know who you are!).

woodpecka, those values did the trick, I was able to enable USB and bluetooth, thanks! So in summary, I basically had to do an sg_codieren on the 2URAD to get the HU to run in HiFi mode, and then pull off the TRC file from the 2URAD, change those values as above to get bluetooth and USB to work, and then reupload the MAN file to the 2URAD. I did not have to add to my VO since my bluetooth and 6FL was from the factory, and the VO already had those values. About the voice commands, I'm not sure what exactly I did, but it seemed to work when I got back to the car.

Now I need to wait for the USB coaxial cable to arrive, so I can connect and test out my thumbdrives!