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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
I am itching to get this fitted but got to wait till the weekend
When I disconnect the battery should i wait 20 mins before starting work?
I did read once batt disconnected not to lock boot
Hey Dude,

I'm not sure why the 20 min wait. I've had to do the retrofit twice and on both counts, I disconnected the -ve terminal, left the boot open (VERY IMPORTANT not to close boot after disconnecting battery) and cracked on. I didn't wait and I've had no problems touch wood.

It's truly a 15-20 min job from start to finish if you have the understanding of what you're doing. As said, happy to run through with you this weekend on the phone or if you're nearby just pop over.

If for any reason the boot has got closed during the install, pop the bonnet open, get some jump leads, connect positive to positive and negative to metal chassis and start the other car, then open your bonnet and carry on the install. Of course, don't forget to disconnect the leads from the front lol.

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