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Originally Posted by kyle335i View Post
I purchased the bumper from M3 lols and decided to go another route. I put his pictures up, since he test fitted it, so through his pictures you can see the fitment. I don't blame you for warning others, its the right thing to do, but please PM me before you assume anything. I have been on this forum for a few years and a few people know me. So please PM me before you make any accusations, since they are not true, and hurting my chances on selling this bumper.

Thank you,

If that's true then how come 5 seconds after I told mike/M3LOL that I sold my amuse bumper, did HE/YOU call my buyer who posted his number in my thread and say mine was really all cracked and to buy "YOURS". YOU GUYS ARE BOTH SCUM BAGS. WHO CALLS SOMEONE'S BUYER AND LIES TO THEM LIKE THAT TO RUIN/STEAL THIER SALE. You both are scum and its a shame they let people like you n this forum who do this highscool bullshit.