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Originally Posted by Quasimodem View Post
...I find it funny how many people who have the M-Sport package say the drive a 335(i/xi/d) M-sport. Seriously, it is just a optional package. That would be like me saying I drive a BMW "335d CWP", because it has the Cold Weather Package.
...discretely check sig...ok, not there!...phew...

I have no problem with calling your car an m-sport. It is one. And were we in a parking lot and I was looking for your car, I could pick it out based on that. There are a number of folks who list out every package in their sig (ZSP, CWP, ETC, ETC), and even more who say 3xx ZSP or 3xx with he sport issues their either. With that said, I agree with you on the m3 badging. I believe it should be left for actual m3s, and I always get a laugh out of the folks who slap m badges on non m cars. With that said however, its their car and they could really stick a 240ZX emblem on their for all I care and I wouldn't feel it would be worth mentioning to them...they know what they've done

I've often thought about doing an m3 body conversion someday and replacing the sticker on he fender flares with a custom ///d but I'll never drop that kind of cash into the exterior (or so I say today).

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