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Originally Posted by Puerto Rican 335d
Greek amigo mio what Doc is trying to imply if he can correct me on this is that I beleive that most in the forums are not seeing the scope of the actual build and time that was spent on a product that WAS NOT available for our "D"s whatsover and to infer imply or try to denigrate a company because it does no a a BENCHFLOw or any data avaibale for whatever reasons is to disrespect the company for doing something most of us wanted and DID NOT have. come'on amigo lets be reasonable on this i got the product and trust me the car runs way smoother than before if you beleive me take a trip to my Island and i will let you drive my car and then you can attest for the product. i do understand your plught as well as other but if any person has doubt buy the product and do the data on it. it was recorded at another site that the temp dofferance beteween OEM IC and WAGNER IC was more tham 23 degrees in coolness, if that is not good reason to trust this product w/o benchflow or DATA then I dont know what else to tell you but trust me. gracias
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