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Hey guys, looking for some insight. I installed Cobb running Stage 1 Sport and have been running it for nearly two months without issue. I really haven't gone WOT or hard on the car at all since I still have my winter tires on and it's too cold for spirited driving anyway. I've checked and the ECU shows no error codes etc. A few days ago I noticed that I didn't hear my Low Pressure Fuel Pump priming the car as it always did when I unlocked it. This has been going on for the past three days. Also, my car takes a tad longer to start unlike before where it was instant. I don't believe this is the HPFP as I've had that issue on my previous car before and this is nothing like that. For whatever reason my LPFP simply isn't priming the fuel system as it's suppose to.

What causes me to think this is something to do with the Cobb tune is when I initially installed the tune the LPFP ran for 10m straight. It really freaked me out but I couldn't stop the update in fear that I would brick the ECU. Now I'm wondering if that initially stressed the LPFP and is now on its last legs. After starting the car today I felt some slight hesitation while idling for about 1m, afterwards it warmed up and drove fine. There also doesn't seem to be any loss in power.

Again, if anyone has any insight into this it would be appreciated. Seriously thinking of ditching Cobb.
I have installed/uninstalled about a dozen or so times for various reasons between my 2 335s and the LPFP runs while doing it. I have never had an issue with the LPP, only the HPFP. How long has the car sat for when it isn't priming? Do you unlock the car before you are near it? Is it in the garage or something while you are in the kitchen, because mine primes then, and I never get it when I open the door. It could be the cold causing some of the longer starts as well. I have an 07 with an original pump that has had the tune on/off probably 8 times and have never had any issues. Not saying it isn't possible that it is the LPP, but seems like there could be other factors at play here, especially since you have had the tune installed for a few months.
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