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Originally Posted by foggy e90 View Post
How does your dash command connect to the car itself ????????? it does look a great bit of kit, How much have you lowered it by....the height looks perfect....any problems with speed bumps ?????
Yeah dash command works quite well, i am using the go point bt1 bluetooth obd port reader, which again seems to work well, not had any issues with connecting, it sticks out a bit so you need to watch your feet when getting in and out of the car!

I bought it about 6-8weeks ago, and at the time i could only get it from the us, but to be fair, the postage wasnt expensive, and they marked it as a $20 item so no import duty etc.

The kit is the koni str-t kit (koni dampners with H&R springs), fairly new to the range i believe and i couldnt find anyone actually running it on an e90, i held off for a while hoping someone would take the plunge. In the end i just went for it, cost me about 370, and so far i would say its possibly the best Value suspension kits ive ever bought.

They advertise a 35-40mm drop in the front and 25mm on the back, i havent measured it but it sits about right, speed bumps so far cause no issues, although i did touch the front on a kerb when parking front end in quickly the other day, ride is a little harsher on the 19"s but feels much the same on the 17"s