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Originally Posted by 335dwagon View Post
Let me ask you all a question about other cars on the road with high quantities of aftermarket parts. For example a Toyota Supra "I have one"! I have never once bought an intercooler based on flow rate etc. I have bought intercoolers before without ever even thinking twice about flow characteristics. For some reason that is all of the negative people in this threads main concern. These cars are not a High Performance from the factory, like a Porsche 911 for example. What is the big deal with bashing Wagner most importantly and not thanking people that actually made this happen?
Since I feel like your post/questions were directed at me I will respond...

First, nobody bashed Wagner, you or anyone else in this thread, in fact I recall that some of us actually expressed appreciation for your efforts, but similarly we expressed disappointment in the fact that Wagner was so quick to go to market with a product they failed to prove its efficacy.

Secondly, irrespective of the fact that you have purchased IC's for your cars based on blind faith, many consumers like to see concrete data to support the fact that what they are buying will actually yield some benefit or to the contrary not have unintended consequences; hence why we are making an issue of the data points or lack thereof - isn't that the entire reason to buy/install a larger IC? A perfect example of this is, the mini owner who reported/documented losing power after installing a Wagner IC.

Let me ask you a question,,, why should anyone spend their hard earned money buying a product without any evidence (other than a butt dyno and some IAT readings) that there is an appreciable benefit?

Like I said before, I REALLY hope this IC works and that someone, whether that be Wagner or someone else, can provide concrete data points such as pressure drop, dyno results etc, because I will gladly pony up the $'s to buy one.