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Few bits done to the car today.

First up had my x pipe ( primary decat) from russ fellows fitted, at a local exhaust centre. Bit more involved than I thought but just under 2 hours later we had this,

Bit of a rubbish sound clip,

Got to say fitment and quality was spot on. As I pulled away it immediately felt more responsive. ( I scared myself a little bit!). It pulled much more from lower revs. It will be remapped next week which should really make it something else.

In terms of sound it was louder but not silly. Well.......except on cold start. That's going to have to go. Windows and doors would be vibrating!!!

It sounds mega fruity. Only down side is I'm getting alot of vibrations through the car below 2.5k. After this it's quiet, but below not so good. I think it's the tubi that had these characteristics and these have been amplified.

Spoke to russ about it ( who by the way is a bloody good bloke) and he will put me in contact with someone who has used back box from him that I may try. So the tubi might be up for grabs but not sure yet. Or I may just put a few miles on it and see. It does sound awesome !!! May get used to the reverb!

Had a hour or so so put my pedals in. Reasonably simple job,

My mats from chris ( forum sponsor)

Then I went up to the place that has race cars with bc coilovers that did my alignment to see if they could look at my banging noise coming from the rear coilovers. Ipswich repair centre and again top blokes.

Rob, the main mechanic, spent ages looking at the suspension, checking the rubbers, fitment, adjusting etc, but couldn't get the bang to go, so will need to contact bc coilovers with my issue I think now. The best bit, I had to offer a few quid as they didn't want anything!

Couple of pics,

Still tweaking suspension so height still being played with.

The bbk is being fitted the garage that did my exhaust next Tuesday ( treadfirst, Stowmarket) as they offered up a good price and my friend wasn't about when I was so looking forward to that! Kinda like the idea of not getting dirty fitting them!

Will book remap for next Friday if evolve can do it.