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Originally Posted by mdyates View Post

...Now using the two step, I just need to figure out how to land a low R/T...
Now that you understand the "LONG" version on the LC method, the short version is done with same "coordinated foot work", but instead of "holding" down the gas peddle, post kick down, for the RPMs to hit 5k, you will press down on the gas peddle pass the kick down then let off "immediately", dont hold it.

Do this couple of times, while still holding firmly the brake, what you will see is that you are reving the RPMs while in LC mode, like in a MT.

After the desired rev, release the brake immediately after releasing the peddle from the kick down switch, then apply again the gas peddle "midway", DO NOT hit the kick down. This will allow you to feather the acceleration. This is done very quickly and has to be timed with the flash of the yellow light.

Practice first to get a better feel of it