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Originally Posted by 35mphgolf View Post
I'm about to buy a 2011 335d - all these head rebuilds/engine failures due to carbon buildup is having me worried. Is there a DIY written on cleaning up your intake system and how to prevent additional buildup (oil catch can etc..)? Should I even be worried?
I would not worry as long as you are under 50,000 miles. Our 2009 335d had the Engine Head replaced after taking it in for a Check Engine light came on. It has had the Glow Plug Wiring Harness, and the Glow Plugs replaced as well.

I am strongly considering buying the Platinum Extended Warranty 6 year/100k miles, as well as the Extended Maintenance 6 year/100k miles.

We really have zero drivability issues in the past 6 months; it was purchased used CPO, but we got the price dropped having CPO pulled from the deal.

I second driving it hard once in awhile!