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Originally Posted by Blackhawk36 View Post
My Bentley manual states that when there is a low charge condition, the DME shuts down or reduces unnecessary electrical loads starting with the heated seats. When I get home, I will post the order in the manual.
Thanks for the help - do you know if the Bentley manual states the voltage threshold or indicatse any potential module codes that might be thrown?

I ask because i pulled the module codes that were thrown, and have access to monitoring the battery voltage the DME is reading. BTW, here are the codes my car is throwing. I'm afraid my problems are not with voltage, but with the seat temperature sensor.

9E5A Error fast heating area NTC cushion

Error will not cause a warning light
Error is not currently present
Test conditions have been completed

Error Code: 9E 5A 61 2C 88 4D