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Originally Posted by carve View Post
LOL- reminds me of this girl I knew in mechanical engineering school. Straight A student, math-whiz, had every formula in the thermo book memorized. She had no...fucking...clue how an actual engine worked on a conceptual level. She had to explain it once for a project and I thought she was joking. Some of the guys were almost as bad, of course. (Side note- she was actually cute and petit in school. Now she's a about 60% heavier and a stay-at-home mom)
I knew many...not all but I knew many.
Some were amazing! The girls who were engineering students who grew up on a farm and had brains....OMG OMG OMG...I was in love! And dated a few and am fortunate to know a few and work with a few.

There is nothing more sexy than a smart athletic woman who also knows how to help you fix things on your car/house? I don't think so!

But for every 1 of them there were 5 who were....god...special?

How did i explain it to my step father?
Engineering school, a class of 100 of which 10 are women.
1 is married
1 is engaged
2 are dating each other
2 from India and married to a guy they don't know of yet
2 are..."handsome" and hate clue why.....
2 were awesome and my friends!

As for the guys? What half from the near east and half from the far east and a handful of us Yankees wondering how that 15yo kid from China who can't even speak English keeps getting straight A's? And why oh why oh god why...curried eggs in a 8am lecture? Dude why?

But then again i went to a really big state school. So that was my life. Never liked the math love making stuff and creating solutions to problems that actually existed. I also took lots of psychology and sociology classes to stay connected with humanity.

One of my favorite reactions was to invite the psychology girls over to engineering parties! The guys who were so use to so few girls would just light up and smile from ear to ear! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!
Now the engineering girls….they were not happy…after what girl wants half her “boys” to leave her?