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'09 335i X-Drive at the dealership longer than I've owned it!


This is probably going to more of a 'vent' thread than anything. I've been lurking around here a lot lately, one of my first posts. I just bought a 2009 black 335xi, msport, navi, everything. I've previously owned 300ZX TT, RSX-S Stage II Turbo, G35, G37. Out of all of them I have to say that the BMW is the most fun. HOWEVER, that being said it has been at BMW Northwest for the past 3 weeks (it was there for a week, a week prior to the second trip). The car had a couple cosmetic problems, a pretty bad hesitation, long crank, and a rattle noise between 2000 and 3000 rpm (not wastegate rattle sound) at about 30-50% throttle. Currently the following has been fixed:

New Battery/Register ($400)
Had an exhaust leak, new gasket at repair ($400)
Alignment ($200)
New Start Button due to peeling trim (Warranty)
New Steering Wheel cover due to peeling trim (Warranty)
New circular lumber switch due to the installed one being free spinning (Warranty)
Two new seat belt extenders (Warranty)
Replaced Intake/Exhaust VANOS solenoids due to intermittent SES (Warranty)
New HPFP due to long crank (Warranty)
6 New Injectors due to hesitation (Warranty)
Walnut Blast Service due to hesitation (Warranty)
New motor mounts due to rattle sound (Warranty)

Currently they are still unable to isolate the vibration sound they are hearing. They said they are waiting on an engineer to fly in from Cali, but apparently he is two weeks out. They have been having to call BMWNA get the next step, report back findings from next step, and go back and forth and so on. Last word I got was they are taking off the valve cover to check some solenoids in there This is more of a venting thread like I said. I would have to say that Jay has been an awesome SA despite me calling and harassing him every day! It is just hard to come see my new JB4 sitting on the counter every day collecting dust.......

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