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Originally Posted by nightops View Post
Welcome to the not so fun part of 335i ownership- did you notice any of these things on the test drive? did you check the service history on the car? if i heard rattles and felt hesitation i probably would have stayed away but i dont know how many miles and what price you paid. that being said it sounds like they are taking care of the problems. it sounds like the car has seens some use i would really try and get the turbos done while they deal with the wastegates.
anyway i hope you get things sorted and enjoy the car when you get it back
Didn't really notice the hesitation when I was test driving it, you don't really notice it unless you are cruising in like a 20 mph school zone. Didn't hear the rattle till much later, there is a 'sweet' spot that you have to get the engine at to have it make the noise. It has 46k on it. The hesitation has been eliminated, they said that the one injector going bad (had to replace all 6 due to the newer injectors) in combination with the carbon build up was the reason. Seems pretty common on these cars.