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P29F3, P29F4 and P29F5 codes

Hey guys,

I haven't changed out my fuel pressure sensor just yet (P29F3 code), but the check engine light came on again and the other two codes were with it again. Its the second in about a month the P29F4 and F5 (Cat 1 and 2 something...) have come up and I cleared it last time. This time, it came up for two days and then it went out after a couple of days (check engine light went out on it's own). I called and setup an appointment for Saturday with the dealer under CPO, but now that it went out, they won't be able to do anything. Could someone shed some light on what the F4 and F5 codes mean and whether it's a problem, being that it's clearing itself after a couple days? Should I still get the car to the dealer a little quicker next time it comes up so they can diagnose it before the CEL goes out again or just not worry about it? Is something with the Cats starting to fail? The car only has 29k miles and I'm running the Cobb on stage 1+. CEL has only come on while cruising, etc.
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