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Selling my beautiful Daniel Marshall Humidor

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Hey all... Doctor said absolutely no more smoking. Unfortunately he said it in front of my woman too and she is wearing me out!

Gotta get rid of my humidor and cigars. Fortunately my (all Cuban) collection is almost all gone anyway.

Anyway... I know you can't sell Cubans here so I'm going to take care of that on my own. Soooo... up for sale is my Daniel Marshall Special Edition 165 Vavona Burl humidor. It's number 149 of 200 made. This won a 'best buy' award from Cigar Aficionado - performing as well or better than other humidors that cost into the thousands.

The wood on this is absolutely awesome. It functions unbelievably well. I only ever had to refill the humidifier once every couple of months if that. Great seal. The inside is well seasoned and you'll notice that you'll catch yourself opening it just to catch a whiff and then closing it back up - you can even taste the earthiness by just opening it. It's great.

Makes me sad to see it go. As far as condition, interior is ultra clean. All four sides are really clean. The top looks great but there are some light swirl/scratches from boneheads putting stuff on top of it. They are mostly superficial and can easily be buffed out by someone who knows what they are doing. There is one small blemish on the top that you can see in one of the pictures. It's tiny but it's there. So essentially, with the exception of that one blemish, you should be able to buff out the swirls. I tried capturing them in the pics but it was tough. Included will be the digital hygrometer and a jar of humidification beads that are far better than the flower foam that they usually come with.

I paid almost $900 for this lovely box and, since it's not perfect and just to get it to move quickly, am selling it for $400. It's a great deal for a great humidor that will last a lifetime and is a far leg up from the 200 dollar specials that are rampant in the cigar world.

Some pics:

On this one you can barely see the blemish on the left lower center of the box:

Limited Edition:

Will be so sad to see them go. The torpedo without the label 30 years old and is the last of five that I bought very well known cigar shop in the UK.