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2011 335d with 29k and similar issues

I recently had my SES light on over the course of two weeks with the zero quantity adaption code for cylinders 2 and 5 (code for cylinder 2 was 4AE6). Car had rough idle, and noticeable shake when revving engine in neutral.

Vehicle is a 2011 335d with 29,500 miles. I have used premium diesel (Shell 45 or higher cetane rating) for most of its life. Aside from the unavoidable stop and go traffic in the DC area, I do try and drive the car hard. No mods.

Took to dealer and was told there was a software error. Excerpt from warranty repair:

SIB 13 04 12 Programming
Cause: SI B13 04 12
0060995 SIB 130412
28854 SI B13 04 12 Applies at this time (W) - Defect - 00 13 13 02
00 Program / Encode Complete Vehicle W/CAS - 00 60 995 (9FRU)

Received vehicle back a few weeks ago, and have noticed the rough idle is somewhat better, but still there. Had a friend scan the car again (no SES light on) and found code 4593. I searched the net for this code, and have not found anything.

As the car is still in warranty, I was waiting for the SES light to come back on before pressing the dealer.

Does anyone know what code 4593 relates to?