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Forgot to post my new best in this thread.

1) 2009 335i with Automatic Transmission.
2) 21 feet above sea level. Temp: DA was around 905 for this run.
3) JB4 and BMS DCI.
4) E85 mixed with 93 octane (approximately E40).
5) No weight reduction.
4) Stock sport wheels with Falken Azenis 722 street tires.
5) Car is an auto.

Other info: The car weighed in at 3,532 lbs without me, and 3,732 lbs with me in it. I had a 1/4 tank of gas in the car. All runs were started in 2nd gear with a brake boost.


Managed a 12.2 later in the day, but the IAT was getting pretty high on the top end of the track and it was causing me to lose boost, and probably timing as well.

335i Coupe, JB4 (G4, map 5) DCI and 40% E85 blend: 2009 BMW 335i Coupe: 12.173 @ 109.490 MPH